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TeleDevelopment’s Entire Batch of Trainees Pass Medical CPC Certification

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Business people celebrating a triumph with arms upManila, Philippines – Leading BPO support provider TeleDevelopment Services, Inc. (TDS) has just announced that exam results have just been released for the June 2014 medical coding certification examination. TDS has successfully trained and prepared 12 participants—11 of which are registered nurses—for the certified professional coder (CPC) certification.

These participants, who are part of TDS’ first public training course meant for non-medical professionals, took the American Academy of Professional Coders’ (AAPC) CPC certification exams and achieved a passing rate of 100%. As the largest medical training and credentialing organization in the US, AAPC sets the highest international standard on medical coders. Coders undergo a rigorous examination to test their ability to read medical charts and assign medical codes for various clinical cases. The entire batch of participants passed the exam on their first attempt, even though exam candidates are allowed to retake the test for free.

TDS’ Senior Manager for Healthcare Training Peter Edu, MD, CPC, CPC-I, CCS, led his team of healthcare trainers in the entire duration of the public training course. Stimson “Timmy” F. Agustin, Jr, MS, RN, CPC-A; Adrianne “Kian” Gonzaga, RN, CPC-A; Liza Mae A. Malixi, MD, CPC-A; and Von Deneb Vitto, RN, CPC-A; all worked with Edu throughout the 9-week course to provide a comprehensive training program that will effectively prepare the trainees for a rewarding career in the medical coding field.

Electronic notification of the first half of the exam results was received on Thursday, June 12, 2014, and the other half the following Monday, June 16.  The second batch of classes for those with medical backgrounds officially started on Monday as well.

The overwhelming demand for certified professional coders in the Philippines has opened up better career opportunities for both medical and non-medical professionals this year. Such a change in career promises a better salary and a host of other benefits for Filipinos. Depending on the recruitment criteria, successfully certified medical coders who have trained under TDS’ healthcare training team are afforded the chance to immediately secure a high-paying job for a TDS partner.

Interested medical coders and career shifters may visit TDS’ Medical Coding Training and Certification page for more details on the company’s medical coding courses.

About TeleDevelopment Services, Inc.

TeleDevelopment Services, Inc., is an international call center and BPO support company providing end-to-end outsourcing solutions, including call center and management training, medical coding training and certification, shared services, and recruitment support for frontline, back-office, specialized, managerial, and executive positions. TeleDevelopment is also the sole distributor of Versant in the Philippines. Versant is the leading automated English language assessment tool for recruitment and training. It is being leveraged by call center and BPO organizations around the world.

Medical Coding AAPC Certification Exams … – CPC Study Guide …

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Is Getting A Medical Billing And Coding Certification Worth It …

Becoming certified is mandatory with some careers, while in others, it is recommended or simply considered voluntary. Even when it is not required, obtaining a certification can give a job seeker the edge with a prospective employer. For those who already have a job, it can increase the chance for promotion. Medical billers and coders sometimes wonder if getting a voluntary medical billing and coding certification is worthwhile.

First, a bit about certification, which is usually obtained after graduation from a formal educational program. Individuals must take and pass a certification exam to demonstrate that they meet a minimum competency level. Several organizations offer certifications in different areas of the medical billing and coding field. Most of them are professional membership-based societies and in nearly all cases, the certification is valued for a certain period, typically one year. To renew the certification, the individual must earn a specified number of continuing education units.

It is important to distinguish this voluntary certification process from a state-mandated licensing requirement. Currently, no U.S. state requires a license to practice as a medical biller or coder. Though certification is also not required, it helps people illustrate their commitment to this profession and increases potential income and advancement opportunities. By holding a certification, individuals have hard evidence that they possess the basic level of knowledge important to performing well within this career.

The American Medical Billing Association, AMBA, offers the Certified Medical Reimbursement Specialist (CMRS) certification. The required exam, which costs $325 plus the cost of AMBA membership, features 16 sections containing 700 questions. The questions cover medical terms, medical coding, insurance reimbursement, federal compliance, and claim appeals. To receive the CMRS designation, a person must score at least 85 percent on the exam.

Both the Certified Medical Billing Associate (CMBA) and Certified Healthcare Billing and Management Executive (CHBME) designations are offered by the Healthcare Billing and Management Association. These are designed for supervisors, managers, and executives in medical billing and coding. The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) offers the highest credentials in medical billing, RHIA and RHIT. RHIA, a Registered Health Information Administrator, manages medical records and other patient health information. An RHIT, Registered Health Information Technician, is an information technician who specializes in medical records and related computer systems and applications.

In the field of medical coding, certifications are offered by both AHIMA and the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC). Deciding which credentials to obtain requires determining the desired career path and which designations a relevant employer will prefer. AAPC certifications include Certified Professional Coder (CPC) and AHIMA certifications include Certified Coding Associate (CCA) and Certified Coding Specialist (CCS).

Whether individuals are medical billers or coders, their level of experience, type of employer, and other factors determine which type of medical billing and coding certification is appropriate. The good news is there are plenty of certifications to choose from and none of them are currently voluntary. People can spend time obtaining multiple certifications to give themselves a competitive edge for hiring, pay, and promotions.

Medical Billing And Coding Online Classes Strategies | Savage …

Medical coders who have enough expertise within this field can pick out to operate from dwelling. This industry generates health-related coders who specialize in coding after a thorough training system plus a certification approach. Remind them that you are only a phone call or e-mail away. If you are enthusiastic about operating within this field, you may locate it beneficial to acquire medical billing certification. Just after the forms have already been mailed out for review, it is also as much as the employee to help keep track of what checks are coming in and which ones are late. medical coder job description Medical coding is usually defined as converting the physician or doctor’s notes into alphanumerical codes that explain the type of therapy that was offered towards the patient. The responsibility of medical coders involves data translating from the patient’s records and assigning to acceptable codes. or those of other overall health pros for example dentists. It is extremely critical that the right codes are made use of as errors could cause delays in payment. In addition to the clear monetary consideration, these other advantages make this a job worth getting.

The average tuition fee for this particular program is around $2,000. Two on the most trusted and accredited organizations inside the course of obtaining a medical coding certification are: The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) and also the American Academy of Experienced Coders (AAPC ), both of which offer on-line classes leading to acquisition of a certificate. With lots of different solutions to decide on from, it is actually a guarantee which you will likely be in a position to pick out a program that matches your specific profession goals. The outsourcing companies usually have a transparency in their coding methodology that can support the healthcare agencies to create uniformity and get rid of the risk of errors. Also you should be informed about their credibility.

An additional important advantages of medical coding is the fact that it is one thing you may do from residence. Numerous of these schools provide a graduation certificate but that is not exactly the same certificate that the nation’s associations offer you in the event you decide you should take a national exam to be certified. A Medical Coder can preserve bio information of patients related to pharmacy inside a realized coding method e. There is a search selection that permits you to view jobs within a ten mile radius of one’s property. On the contrary, opportunities await you in running a business out of your own property whereby you present medical coding solutions offsite to smaller establishments like clinics, doctors’ offices, hospices and nursing residences.

When we outsource medical coding, we ensure that we get claim reimbursement simply and accessibly. Experts assign certain codes to procedures and services. Neighborhood colleges, vocational institutions, and on the web schools usually present a one- or two-year course on healthcare classification. A wider range of career possibilities awaits these using a medical billing and coding certification. There are plenty of medical billing firms that present these solutions to maximize physicians’ income.

CPC Practice Exam – | CPC Exam Study Guide …

CPC Practice ExamClick Image To Visit SiteOr are you one of the many people who FAILED the exam the first time, and are now looking to retake the test, perhaps for the third or fourth time?

As soon as the 2014 coding books were released in late 2013, we went over the entire test with a loupe to make sure all the codes referred to in the answer key hadn’t changed since last year. The test is now fully updated for 2014.

Already know our CPC medical coding practice exam is exactly what you need? Please click here to place your order.

AAPC’s CPC exam is 150 questions long. Questions range from true and false, to 1-2 sentences, to full page operative notes.

Questions on the CPC exam do not cover just specific medical codes. Questions can be very diverse, testing the examinees knowledge on:

We have taken into account the wide spectrum of diversity the CPC exam offers and have constructed the questions on our CPC Practice Exam to reflect those on the actual exam as closely as possible.

In addition to our well constructed questions we are also providing a full rationale for each question.

These rationales provide the correct answer for each question as well as a full explanation as of why this option is correct, why the other three options are incorrect, and where in the medical coding books the answer can be located.

Studying the rationale of an answer may very well be the easiest and most efficient way to learn how to pass the CPC exam.

a. The removal of the fallopian tubes and ovaries b. The surgical sampling or removal of a fertilized egg c. Cutting into the fallopian tubes and ovaries for surgical purposes d. Cutting into a fertilized egg for surgical purposes

The term “salp” means… Read more…

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Read the original: CPC Practice Exam – | CPC Exam Study Guide

Medical Coding Certification Review Blitz Evaluation – phnol | CPC …

Please stop here to read my Medical Coding Certification Review Blitz Evaluation or want to know deep inside about. Medical Coding Certification Review Blitz Scam or good. we discussed in an accurate and credible in Medical Coding Certification  Blitz2012-CCO-DVD002_Package_Disk1-RENDEREDReview Blitz had been made by Laureen Jandroep as a reference before buying online at

Trying to get certified by passing the medical coding certification exams are no laugh. For you to qualify as the CPC (Certified Professional Coder) or perhaps a CCS-P (Certified Coding Specialist – Physician), you need to study and also you need to study difficult. However spending hours following hours scouring over your notes and publications won’t do a lot if you don’t possess the correct tools and techniques that will help you together. It’s not unusual to locate those who have unsuccessful the exams time and time again. But when you need to be eligible and move onwards to higher coding jobs, getting certified is essential.

Certainly one of the best-selling AAPC CPC exam research guide that’s only available on the web is The Medical Coding Certification Review Blitz Videos by Laureen Jandroep. This particular CPC exam research manual is actually targeted for students thinking about getting certified for medical coding. Numerous have passed their CPC exam on their try immediately after utilizing it. Knowing that, here’s a detailed review of the woman’s program.

What exactly is it?

Medical Coding Certification Review Blitz Videos” is an online and Dvd and blu-ray video clip instruction and assistance plan produced by Laureen Jandroep. Laureen Jandroep is definitely an experienced instructor as well as trainer in order to medical coders getting physician based certification board exams since 1999.


You will have access to Laureen’s proven techniques to move the Certified Professional Coder (CPC) exam by the American School of Professional Programmers (AAPC). The woman’s program also covers the Certified Coding Specialist-Physician Based (CSS-P) exam by the American Health Information Association (AHIMA).

The fact that the certification exam is actually open guide does not seem to make it any kind of easier for most of us. The issue is, they don’t know what to pay attention to and as a result, they wind up studying late in to the night and still fail. You should know what to look for; what is essential for you to definitely pass which coding exam, get certified and remain certified. You also require an skilled coach suggesting precisely what you need to know and perform when you are in the exam corridor. Learning from one of the most experienced as well as certified medical programmers gives you that benefit.

Who is it for?

Laureen Jandroep has taught many students to prepare for the exams, and thru her years of encounter has developed a feeling for knowing what college students need to be able to pass. All these encounter and strategies tend to be condensed into these series of videos which are shown to work.

That is why getting the highest ranked medical coding research instructions by a skilled and certified medical coding trainer is a great concept.

Laureen Jandroep’s Medical Coding Certification Review Blitz Videos is one of the the majority of highly rated research guides on the internet. Simply by looking at the recommendations she’s received, you can observe how many people’s life this research manual has made easier; how many coding professionals it has assisted pass their own coding examinations with out the apparently insurmountable tension that comes with learning for these examinations. You get a look into why is her one of the greatest and just how the lady got to where she’s right now.


If you need to:

1. Rapidly review all the sections within the CPT guide.
2. Know the exam information on what to expect and just what to complete.
3. Handle your time to reply to exam questions, not ask questions in your head.
4. Prepare your coding research strategies in advance.
5. Ask questions and get recommend from an expert figure in CPC.

And most importantly, this program give you the confidence as well as resources to pass through so that you can keep the cool and concentrate on rating high!

What’s great about this?

The Medical Coding Certification Review Blitz Videos are a good review option to books. Medical coding subject material can be quite technical and boring, so being able to digest this within video type is always the pleasant relief. There are Nine.Five hours price of video clip so it’s an extensive review divided into chapters.

The videos are read by Laureen with intriguing and straight-to-the-point presentation. Laureen is an excellent presenter with a pleasant personality which means you will not mind dealing with the videos again and again. Her advice and methods for tackling difficult questions will help you avoid issues which set you back time. The videos tend to be structured by sections so you skip particular chapters if you’re assured sufficient. Like a This year unique, you get these types of videos on nicely packaged Dvd disks as well. *Good information, this particular special bonus is actually prolonged with regard to 2012 as well.-


On top of the videos, you receive support too. This really is well worth the cost of entrance on your own. You get access to the woman’s community associated with dedicated medical coders via a Yahoo Teams discussion board, so that you can keep yourself current on average wages, opportunities, or even common information regarding CPC. Laureen additionally sets up monthly online seminars exactly where she interviews successful medical programmers. This is a excellent resource for you personally ask questions and get guidance. Finally, you receive a An hour immediate telephone assistance along with Laureen so that you can choose her expert brain on anything about medical coding, whether could it be about the exam techniques, career guidance, or even coding in general.

Her videos do not only help you move your own coding exams. They give you an ongoing skill which will significantly help into helping your job in the future. With her research manual, you’ll have the woman’s e-mail support as well as monthly Q&A webinars to help you along in your journey. You also become a part of an exclusive number of medical coders that fits on the internet and talk about beneficial industry matters such as best practices and dish out job possibilities. With regards to ongoing support, Laureen Jandroep’s Medical Coding Certification Review Blitz Videos is undoubtedly the greatest medical coding study guide that you have been surfing for.

Do you want to know more about Medical Coding Certification Review Blitz? If your answers are “yes” you can go to Access or download. And if you are not satisfied with it you can get all your refund back within two months.